PROs at Pinnacle! Get your discount today!

Posted By: Kate McFadden Industry,

PROs are movers and shakers in the remodeling industry. In fact, seven members from the Greater Philadelphia affiliate have been asked to speak at Pro Remodeler Magazine's annual conference, The Pinnacle Experience, September 11 - 13. We're making it easy for your to get the most out of the event and make great contacts with other PROs and industry thought leaders. As a member, you'll save $120 on the $179 registration cost, and pay only $59. Talk about a benefit! Just us the code PRO 23 at checkout. Find out more and register here. 

Why attend? It's pretty clear:

Presentations by proven business leaders from across the country will help you unlock the latest secrets in home remodeling

You'll get data, insights and advice that you can use to improve your business immediately

Take advantage of expert panels, round tables and one-on-one content and you’ll:

  • Close more sales

  • Boost your bottom line

  • Delight more customers

Watch this short and see which PROs will take the stage!