Why Hire a PRO Mid Atlantic Remodeler?

When you hire a residential home improvement contractor, you’re “handing over the keys” to a sacred space — your home. Homeowners trust PRO Members to transform their houses into dream homes and care for one of their largest assets.

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Trusted Professionals

Before being accepted into PRO, contractor members must be working in the remodeling industry for at least one year and pass a thorough screening and ethics review process.

PRO maintains a member-run review board to ensure consistency. Hiring a PRO member assures you that you have an experienced firm committed to high quality and high ethics.

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Professional Development

PRO is committed to educating trade professionals through a variety of formats including classroom, virtual classrooms, webinars, hands-on training, online publications, and various programs.

Manage Risk

In order to be a member in good standing, PRO member companies must hold the appropriate licenses and insurance as dictated by local municipal and state laws. Make sure your contractor company is also bonded and carries insurance for their crew and staff.


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