Continuing Education

PRO Certified Members are required to earn 12 continuing education credits (CEU) to maintain designations. CEU training sessions provide opportunities to improve your skills, increase your knowledge base, advance your career, and network with your industry peers.

PRO offers a variety of ways to earn CEUs that make meeting your goals and licensing requirements interesting and convenient. You can earn your credits in all kinds of settings:


Learn how to get PRO Certified


PRO Associates are the best resource for our members to access CEUs. Help us develop a complete PRO Continuing Education Course Directory by submitting course information to the Education Committee. 


Access CEU events from partner companies all in one place

Manufacturers offer PRO Members access to their own CEU program as a way to promote their products, but also to give an overview of materials and best practices. The CEU Events Platform puts webinars from major manufacturers all in one place. We look forward to building this platform out in collaboration with the other PRO affiliates.

If you're an associate and have CEU opportunities, please contact Debbie Cain to learn how to be included on the platform.