PROmote You're A PRO with WTVR CBS 6 Webinar

You can get TV marketing & production services for a fraction of the cost

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)

In this webinar you will find out how to get $7300 worth of targeted ads for an investment of $2000 -- 28 commercials -- because you’re a PRO. WTVR Ch 6 will produce high-quality video assets for an extensive TV and digital campaign -- as well in your own marketing campaigns!

Here’s what this opportunity offers PRO Members;

  • You’ll reach over 3.6M+ AND build your identity as part of PRO Central VA!
  • WTVR Ch 6 will produce 30-second and 10-second videos of YOUR business – also usable on your social platforms
  • WTVR Ch 6 will send a digital direct mail eblast to over 115,000 WTVR subscribers - high quality, opt in subscribers who request our content, offers and advertiser info!
  • Your ad campaign will be featured on award-winning WTVR CBS 6 local news TV schedule including morning, evening, late news and weekend news - You receive a minimum of 28 commercials
  • You’ll get targeted & customized streaming! Your message will be put in front of the RIGHT audience - homeowners planning to remodel kitchen, bath, replace windows, build an addition, replace flooring and/or contractor/architect B2B and more
  • Your branding will be co-branded with PRO – alerting homeowners of your professionalism and commitment to excellence
  • By teaming up with WTVR CBS 6, PRO Members will increase awareness that it’s essential to USE A PRO like you!

Team up with other PROs to get the visibility you deserve!

Your company can be featured on VA This Morning with a non-competing PRO partner on a 4 ½ minute segment with the segment provided for you to use on your social platforms “featured on VA This Morning” - average viewing audience over 50,000 per week!

Investment Value

$2,000 gets you a part of a 10 week campaign and over $7,300 in value, but the REAL VALUE is that you are part of a $40,000 campaign promoting your business and that you are a PRO! Our viewers will know all there is to know about the importance of working with PRO Members when they plan their next remodeling project.

Payments can be split into two payments. You can pay by credit card. We do have a payment portal, it’s easy!

Next Steps

Sign up below by June 15th. Twenty participants minimum. If there are more than 20, we will extend campaign. You can buy more than one “share” of this campaign. 

Please use the following information to sign into the webinar on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 832 129 8906

Passcode: PRO


Password: PRO

For More Information:

Angela Hubbard

Angela Hubbard

PRO Mid Atlantic