PRO After Hours hosted by Kieffer's

Building Your Team: Putting the Right People in the Right Seats

Thursday, April 25, 2024
4:30 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)

Join us for another exciting PRO After Hours event, where connecting with fellow professionals is at the forefront. Whether you're seeking new partnerships, advice, or simply expanding your network, PRO After Hours offers the perfect opportunity for meaningful connections. 

CEU Presentation by Alison McLennan on Building Your Team: Putting the Right People in the Right Seats.  See Alison's bio below.


Bring along industry peers who could benefit from a PRO membership as we warmly welcome prospective members to learn about the benefits of joining our network. Specifically, we're seeking trade partners and subcontractors to enrich our diverse membership. If you bring a prospective member guest, you will be entered into the PRO + ONE raffle! 


Event Agenda

4:30 pm - Registration & Networking

5:30 pm - PRO Update

6:00 pm - Educational Presentation

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Alison McLennan joins us to talk about Building Your Team: Putting the Right People in the Right Seats.

Though McLennan co-founded the business, McLennan Contracting (, with her husband, she remained in a supporting role for the first 15 years of operation. But five years ago, when the two decided it was time to either shut the doors or grow strategically, Alison took the helm as president and is now directing the company on its path from $2 million in revenue to $5 million.

"I think a lot of people decide to grow a business because they're either looking at, 'We want to increase our income,' or, 'We just we want to build this thing that we can be proud of, and leave a legacy.' have to be completely honest, and say that was not where our heads were, we were very much in a place of burnout, and kind of desperate to find a solution," says McLennan.

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Angela Hubbard

Angela Hubbard

Executive Director, PRO Mid Atlantic