Chief Architect Training hosted by PRO/Ferguson

Intermediate - Advanced Level Training

Thursday, May 16, 2024
8:00 AM (EDT)
to Friday, May 17, 2024 at 5:00 PM (EDT)

Please join us for PRO Chief Architect Training, presented by Dan Baumann & John Schrader of Chief Experts. This session, hosted at the Ferguson showroom in Rockville, is designed for Intermediate - Advanced level users.

Take your understanding of Chief Architect to the next level with this training. Join other Remodelers, Home Builders & Designers to discover how to create & sell home plans using Chief Architect. In these training classes, we'll help you understand what the software can do and how to take advantage of the enhanced functions, and you'll also uncover time-tested techniques to enhance your plan creation speed and precision while the Advanced class goes even deeper into mastering these practices.

Intermediate Class:
  • Progress from basic proficiency to advanced Chief Architect skills.
  • Ideal for users with a strong grasp of Chief Architect's fundamentals.
  • Learn precise modeling and design tools and techniques.
  • Create intricate and detailed architectural plans.
  • Develop proficiency as a Chief Architect use
Advanced Class: 
  • Tailored for users with an excellent working knowledge of Chief Architect.
  • Dive into the software's advanced capabilities and features.
  • Master powerful CAD techniques and intricate modeling functions.
  • Address complex design challenges with innovative methods.
  • Excel at handling demanding projects with precision and creativity.

For maximum mastery of Chief Architect, consider taking all 4-days of training. This comprehensive approach ensures a strong foundation and advanced skills, allowing you to unleash Chief Architect's full potential for your design projects.

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Debbie Cain

Debbie Cain

Director of Events & Sponsorships, PRO Mid Atlantic - Member