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PRO Member, get your free passes to a major remodeling tech conference

Don’t miss the chance to attend a conference that can change the way you do business. FAST Remodeler Live, sponsored by Qualified Remodeler, is software and business technology conference at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront May 10 & 11. The conference is designed to help home pros learn about new software and technology solutions, and strategies for deploying the latest tech in your businesses. PRO staff members look forward to seeing you there!

Registration is now open for FAST Remodeler Live and our partners from Qualified Remodeler have secured a great benefit for PRO members. FAST Conference PRO Member PASS. Use the code PROFRL22 when you register. 

According to industry experts, many factors make 2022 the right moment for a super-tight focus on business technology in the residential construction industry.

Surging demand: Homeowners today are driving an unprecedented spike in thousands of new projects each day. Remodelers simply can’t keep up. Backlogs are building.

Labor shortage: The industry is plagued by a chronic undersupply of skilled labor dating back to the ’08 great recession when two million workers left the industry and never returned.

Supply-chain issues: Enhanced software solutions now allow remodelers to order products and materials to avoid unnecessary delays. Connected in real time with manufacturers and suppliers, home pros today are making educated trade-offs together with their clients to keep projects moving.

Flood of software: The sheer volume of solutions aimed at home pros is large and growing. They improve and simplify many construction processes—from sales and marketing to design, estimating, production, CRM and much more.

High adoption rates: Home pros adopt technology quickly. Recent research conducted across our audience of pros found that 56% see themselves as ‘digital first’ or ‘quick adopters’ of business software

Untapped productivity gains: FAST remodelers are finding new ways to do more with the same overhead. Newly announced speaker Scott Siegal offers a look at how software helps him complete 25% more projects with the same crews.

UX Gains: Who hasn’t heard stories from friends about bad experiences with contractors. End-to-end software allows clients and project data to flow seamlessly in real time. Clients can access status updates 24-7 without phone calls or texts to contractors.

Changing the Composition of a $400 billion industry: Tech-enabled home pros, big-and-small, are taking market share and increasingly becoming the face of a highly fragmented industry. With strong technology infrastructures, top firms like Power Home Remodeling, West Shore Home, Titan Holdings and others are scaling up and building coast-to-coast operations.

Power’s chief operating officer and CIO Tim Wenhold will be a featured speaker. He will offer a glimpse of what is possible for creating a new kind of fast-growing remodeling company, one that uses tech to offer rock-solid customer experiences and to attract a younger, highly motivated workforce. PRO Members, don’t miss this chance to learn about your best options to integrate more technology solutions into your remodeling business. 


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